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30 years after fire, Perkasie seeing downtown rebirth

Featured Article: Daily Intelligencer, By Chris Ullery

From baseball to high-tech start-ups, Perkasie officials say the borough’s downtown revitalization is “solidly in the right direction.”

From coffee shops to high-tech start-ups, Perkasie officials say its downtown revitalization plans are “pointed solidly in the right direction.”

It’s been a long time coming.

A fire destroyed most of the downtown area near Seventh and Market streets in 1988, stunting economic expansion for more than 30 years.

Over the last four years, the borough kicked its revitalization efforts into high gear to attract new retail, manufacturing and technology businesses.

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2019 – A Year of Transformation and Vision – A Commitment to Economic Growth

economic-developmentBCG transforms Municipalities creating vibrant Downtowns and Main Streets by designing a grand vision that is facilitated through personal involvement and imaginative problem solving.

The greatest reward is the transformation of each town…opening new businesses, creating new jobs, repurposing blighted and vacant properties, creating new housing and supporting the nonprofit organizations within each community.

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Rescuing Municipal Budgets

“Man Overboard”
Rescuing Municipal Budgets

Are monsters from the deep sinking your ship? 

We understand the challenge of balancing municipal budgets.

We can help navigate treacherous waters and guide you to a safe harbor. Our “Development by Design process creates a pathway to revitalizing your community without raising taxes or slashing services.  Continue reading "Rescuing Municipal Budgets"

Perkasie Borough celebrates $2,000,000 economic development RACP

Perkasie Borough celebrates $2,000,000 economic development RACP (Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program) Grant Award from State Officials that will create 2,700 new jobs.

Senator Santarsiero, Representative Staats Announce RACP Grant for Pennridge Development Enterprises, Inc.

PERKASIE − August 1, 2019 − State Senator Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and State Representative Craig Staats (R-145) announced the award of a $2,000,000 state grant for Pennridge Development Enterprises, Inc., to benefit the Pennridge Airport Business Park in East Rockhill Township and Perkasie Borough. This grant was awarded through the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects.

The Pennridge Airport Business Park is one of the few Class A industrial park projects remaining in Bucks County in the I-95, I-78, and Pennsylvania Turnpike corridor. This grant will allow three undeveloped parcels on 89 acres to be developed in one of the three phases required to complete the project. The first phase will consist of all the infrastructure improvements for the Park, including major utilities and roadway improvements and construction of two new buildings on site. Continue reading "Perkasie Borough celebrates $2,000,000 economic development RACP"

Economic Development Studies

Master Planning Reports to Secure Revitalization Funding

Creating Economic Development Studies as amendments to Comprehensive Plans helps secure and meet state funding grant requirements to revitalize communities.

Shaping your Vision

Barth Consulting Group creates data-driven Economic Development Studies to analyze a community through resident and business surveys, town hall meetings and with detailed research reports summarizing community engagement and aspirations. The finalized Economic Studies provide insight and pathways into how you can Revitalize your town. Continue reading "Economic Development Studies"

Development by Design™

Revitalizing Your Municipal Budget

How investing in Revitalization can balance your budget.

Downtown economic factors have shifted with the advent of online shopping. Why are some towns transitioning better than others? Being proactive versus reactive is the difference.

Some towns lose momentum for a time, and then pray to pull themselves back from the brink. Other towns have great, underutilized assets, infrastructure and prospects, yet face challenges in revenue growth without a dreaded tax increase. For most towns, economic development can seem like an endless roll of the dice, reacting to unsolicited, unwanted, and undesirable proposals from developers. These relationships are often adversarial. Continue reading "Development by Design™"