Saving Main Streets

Saving Main Streets

We hope this finds you and your community safe and well.

This is a challenging and uncertain time for all of us. The Coronavirus has closed down Main Streets everywhere.

Business surveys within our existing downtown revitalization clients have revealed that business revenues are down anywhere from 65% to 100%.

We are passionate about Main Streets and have dedicated the past ten years to creating vibrant downtowns. We’ve helped open over 350+ new retail businesses and want to assist them in staying alive and well.

open-for-businessPlease consider taking action now. BCG can proactively help you and your town. 

BCG can advise your retailers, helping them to reimagine the new economy and reposition them to ensure they survive today and thrive tomorrow.

We have been working with businesses daily to overcome these challenges by providing creative solutions and working with commercial property owners on how to assist their retail tenants.

We can provide strategic insight and advice to your municipality and individual businesses.

We encourage you to contact us to have a free exploratory conversation.

Survive today so you can Thrive tomorrow!

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