Comprehensive Plan Implementation

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  • Facilitating Comprehensive Plans
  • Writing Economic Development Plans

Your Comprehensive Plan, specifically the Economic Development section, is the roadmap we follow to accomplish your community's goals, creating millions of dollars in new investment.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is implementing our Comprehensive Plan?
  • How long has our Comprehensive Plan sat collecting dust?
  • Who has the specific skills, time and expertise to accomplish its goals?

Comprehensive Plans are created as a ten-year blueprint for improving your community. The key section of each plan is Economic Development. Current Comp Plans are required to receive county and state funding grants. They indicate a community's commitment and support for implementing strategic goals.

Why do Comprehensive Plans fail to be implemented? Picture a track relay team that has four runners working together to complete a defined distance race. A Comp Plan is similar to the relay team. The first three relay members represent the community, its elected officials, and the planning commission. However, just as the Comp Plan is completed and voted upon, the baton or Comp Plan is dropped on the track and the race is left unfinished.

Who is tasked with completing your plan, finishing the race, and making things happen?

That's where we come in. We make things happen, we revitalize your town.