Public Engagement

Public Engagement - Surveys, Town Hall Meetings & Reports

Barth Consulting Group leads and facilitates Public Engagement 


Community Surveys

BCG creates high response Community Surveys enlisting public input for urban planning, visioning and economic development.These surveys are critical first steps towards grant funding to shape and illustrate community support for Federal, State and County grant applications.

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Town Hall Meetings

BCG facilitates, promotes and leads Town Hall meetings to articulate Municipal planning goals, answer public questions and support community initiatives.

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Economic Development Studies & Reports

BCG provides high-altitude analysis to municipalities for planning, visioning and revitalization initiatives. Communities hire us to guide them in understanding their downtowns, assesses existing problems and create strategies to create vibrant downtowns, fill vacancies and address blighted properties.

These studies and reports are utilized by councils to update comprehensive plans, amend zoning, create incentivized new investment through overlay districts, secure grant funding and to court and cultivate and court new businesses and development.

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