Consulting Services

Barth Consulting Group - Unique Revitalization Skill Sets

 A La Carte Consulting Services:

The Covid Economy - Rescuing Your Retailers - Starting at $5,000

LERTA Tax Incentives - Starting at $10,000

Architectural Renderings - Starting at $250

Concept Boards - Starting at $500

Commercial Photography - $750 Half Day, $1,400 Full Day

Speaking Engagements/Zoom Seminars - Starting at $500

Grant Writing & Support - Starting at $2,500

New Business Start-Up Plans/Covid Economy Plans - Starting at $1,500

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Annual Revitalization Retainers 

Annual retainer-based consulting provides a weekly presence in your community. Encompassing all areas of our expertise this provides the highest results and revenues for your community.

BCG courts investors, developers and new businesses through our vast network of contacts. We work with your property owners, their realtors and tour investors through your town and vacant properties.

From a high-altitude perspective we look at your entire community and viewing all properties and how they cross-connect and compliment each other. We perform detailed analysis of real estate trends, market studies and economic opportunities.We actively market and promote your community, as ambassador and press agent, cultivating and branding interest and assets for investors. 

Long-term engagement within the community allows the development of trust-based relationships that problem solves short and long-range goals. 

Project Based Fees 

BCG works on specific project-based projects for a communities. These are hyper-focused projects within a town that address complicated issues, resolutions, and ways to move forward. These projects often range from zoning overlay districts, blighted properties to grants and funding.

Visioning Snap Shots and Seminars 

Short-term, intensified visioning workshops, seminars, Zoom meetings with immediate action steps and recommendations for municipalities and elected officials to formulate decision-making and planning decisions.

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