What We Do


Proactive Economic Development = Municipal Revenues  

We create direct General Fund revenues through:

  • New Real Estate Transfer Taxes 
  • New Real Estate Taxes
  • New Earned Income Taxes
  • Increased Property Values
  • New Local Service Taxes 

How we revitalize communities:

  • Creating jobs and revenue for municipalities
  • Innovating solutions for economic growth
  • Raising property values
  • Increasing occupancy and lease rates
  • Filling vacant and blighted properties
  • Improving the quality of life for residents and businesses
  • Negotiating resolutions to complicated decade-long challenges 
  • Utilizing social media marketing to promote municipalities
  • Leasing, selling and repurposing commercial properties 
  • Cross-pollinating businesses, municipalities and organizations 
  • Assisting business start-ups 
  • Implementing Comprehensive Plans

Municipal Economics - Rebuilding Communities

"The scale of municipalities allows for real revitalization to happen," remarked Barth. "Here it is possible to reach and create successful teams that influence change."

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Developers & Investors

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What we do for developers:

  • Troubleshooting Projects - Proactively problem solve projects - saving tens to hundreds of thousands in legal fees.
  • Navigation - We speak "municipal." We assist in navigating difficult development projects with municipalities. 
  • LERTA - Creating and promoting project tax incentives
  • Site Location - Finding key, unlisted properties for development.
  • Diplomacy - Turn municipal adversaries into allies and collaborative partners.
  • Zoning - Creatively problem solve zoning and development needs.
  • Expediting - Streamline the development process.
  • Funding - Secure county and state funding sources.
  • Sweet Spots - Pair developer's styles with viable, profitable projects.
  • Communities - Align the needs and wants of a community with appropriate developers.

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High-altitude consulting for your business:

  • Providing imaginative, out-of-the-box, strategic insights to improve revenue and sales. 
  • Visioning for growth and prosperity. 
  • Creating divergent solutions for complicated initiatives and problems.

Business Financing with:

  • Commercial banks and government agencies.
  • County and state funding sources.
  • Municipal, county and state tax programs.
  • Grants and business expansion funding.

Site Selection:

  • The "Perfect Spot" - Location is a key asset for business growth, we'll help you find it.

Building, buying or expanding your company is a complicated process. It requires expertise in navigating municipal zoning and land development. We facilitate navigating your company through the purchase and development of a new corporate location.

High Altitude Consulting for Business:

We look at your businesses from a different perspective, focusing on solutions without boundaries that create unexpected results. 

Business Start Ups:

We help guide new business startups through business planning, development, financing to fit-outs, openings and marketing.