Stephen Barth

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The Big Picture

Entrepreneurial Innovation  

Stephen Barth provides high-altitude, visionary leadership that revitalizes and reshapes communities. He is a catalyst for economic development creating new revenue, new businesses, new jobs, grant funding and new investment for municipalities.

Barth Consulting Group has created over $500 million in new investment, over 2,000 new jobs, and opened over 300+ new businesses from corporations to small retail.

Stephen has a unique ability to envision opportunities within communities and is skilled at navigating and facilitating the municipal process. 


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Revitalizing Main Streets

"The scale of small towns allows for real revitalization to happen," remarked Barth.

"Here it is possible to reach all audiences and create successful teams that influence change. Bottom-Up Economics partnered with Top-Down support from local officials creates an achievable revitalization model that works in every town." Barth Consulting Group's "Development by Design" process engages the entire community to achieve their highest aspirations.

Economic Development 

Stephen's diverse professional experiences have made him a highly-respected and sought-after economic development consultant who has made a significant impact in the communities he serves. 

During a multi-faceted career that has included corporate branding and business consulting, Stephen has built an expansive contact list and knowledge base that are unique and invaluable tools for revitalizing towns.



Wilmington College | Bachelor of Arts | Literature & Language | Communications  

George School | Newtown, PA