Mission and Philosophy

Barth Consulting Group revitalizes towns through economic development initiatives that create jobs, develop municipal revenues and spur new business openings. We help communities achieve their highest potential for the benefit of all residents and businesses. We create high-altitude, forward-visioning economic development and revitalization opportunities for municipalities, businesses, and developers.


Our Philosophy

Barth Consulting Group is founded on the principles of Visioning, High Altitude Thinking, Stewardship, and Integrity.


We visualize the highest possibilities for the municipalities we serve. We focus on a community's greatest assets, on what they can become, develop a plan on how to get there, and then help them reach their fullest potential through revitalization efforts so their community can thrive and prosper.

The visioning process is focused on a community's character, complexion and history. We accentuate those values and build upon them.

We look at under-performing assets within a community, whether they be vacant properties, blighted buildings, or empty stores. By revitalizing, rehabilitating or repurposing them, we can help a municipality create new investment, jobs and revenue.

We look at things not as they are, but as what they can become.

High Altitude Thinking:

We do things differently by looking at communities from an unbiased, third-party perspective. We focus on solutions without traditional boundaries that create unexpected results through win/win solutions for our clients.

From this high altitude viewpoint, we look at an entire community and how all the pieces interact, mesh and interconnect.


We look at the big picture to find the greatest good, for the most amount of people, for the longest period of time.


Our words, actions, and deeds are based on honesty, fairness and respect for the communities, their leaders, residents, businesses and organizations.

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